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It's a Trifecta - Melbourne, Shepparton and Sydney!

It's been a while between posts which is not unusual for me. I diarise that I must update the blog and then I look at it for weeks, if not months and then finally, I get around to it. So here it is. More an informational update on magical happenings than a introspective reflection.

Firstly, I'm in Melbourne Now! The blockbuster directed by National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) head, Tony Ellwood. It's an amazing show. The best I've seen the NGV do and a very clever move indeed. I feel like this show has successfully managed to garner the support of the Melbourne arts community for the NGV which may have been a little bit lacking in the past. Regardless of all that, it's a show well worth seeing. Here's my work in the show, titled A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing. It's massive, 4m high by 3m wide and made up of three framed large scale photographic prints.

The show runs until the 23rd March 2014 and is completely free. Get yourself there yo!

Next up, I'm currently making a brand spanker of a work for the Sydney Biennale. For me, this is the most exciting artwork that I have ever made. It's a 30 channel video installation that will be exhibited at the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW). It's titled We All Need Forgiveness and I'll post up a little teaser soon enough. As part of the opening week programming, I'll be in conversation with Juliana Engberg (Biennale Artistic Director) and Nathan Coley. Click for details.

Lastly, I'll be having a solo show at the Shepparton Art Museum titled Bindi Cole: I Am. Showing older work such as EH5452 plus more as well as a brand new video work. Also, I'm putting on a salon style work of current prisoners and post released prisoners artwork. The show will run from Friday 16th May to Sunday 10th August. More details to follow. That's probably it for now.

I'm planning a very exciting post which I'm itching to share but I'm just waiting for the perfect time. It's a follow up to An Ocean Of Hurt. So please keep your eyes out for that and while your at it, join my mailing list so that you can receive each new blog post in your email inbox. Just pop your email in the box on the right hand top corner. Go on do it! Till next time, be free, happy and forgive.

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