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Seedtime & Harvest

Last year I had the privilege of working with the Centre for Contemporary Photography and the Royal Women's Hospital to create new new large scale photographic prints for the foyer of the new hospital building. I've got a bit of history with the hospital. I was born there and so was my Mum. In fact, I was born on my Mum's birthday (3rd February) in the same hospital (The Women's) and delivered by the same doctor. I was my Mum's only child, so you can imagine we were close. Also, my grandfather, aunties, uncles and many other of my family have been born there. A Melbourne girl and family through and through. So when I was asked to make this artwork I was elated.

I spent time at the hospital trying to discern the heart and the culture of the place. I got to meet amazing people like Jo and Terori who run the Aboriginal Women's Health Business Unit. After two weeks there, I came away fully invested and wanting to celebrate The Women's while acknowledging the past.

There's a great article by Liza Power in 'The Age' that goes into much more detail about the whole process and specifically talks of the hospitals history of forced removal of babies, what' they've done about it and where they're headed, something that was close to my heart. Have a read. In the meantime, here's some snaps of the work.

Seedtime, 2012.

Harvest, 2012.

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