Are We There Yet?

March 11, 2008

I've been invited to participate in a group exhibition with Curator Jirra Lulla Harvey and Sculptor, Lorraine Connelly-Northey titled 'Are We There Yet?' (AWTY), celebrating the 100-year anniversary of women having the right to vote in Victoria.


As part of uni, I have to do a drawing project on Nomadism. To be clever, I worked the nomadism theme into the AWTY project by drawing the images that I will photograph. Here they are (in very simplified terms) and include:

  • A re-creation of the Women's Land Army Poster from the 1940's but with a sexy Aboriginal woman and digging stick.

  • An ode to the Women's Lib Movement of the late 60's/early 70's and the effect, if any, it had on Aboriginal women.

  • A re-creation of an early ethnographic image. I replace the black baby with a white one symbolising interacial marriage.

  • A look at how Aboriginal women were used as domestic workers and their sexuality.

  • An image that you've always seen, as you never seen before. An aboriginal woman in a white wedding dress.

  • Another re-creation of an ethnographic image, this time putting women in all the roles - the hunter, the traditional cultural woman and the animal.

  • Have you ever seen an Aboriginal in prison? Of course. Ever seen one as the Governess? I don't ever want to show Indigenous women as the victims, only in positions of power. Theres hints of the past and the vicitimisation ie. the ball and chain. But I only want to empower.




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